This website hosts information about a conference in honor of J.W.K. Harris and his career in the study of hominin behavior across ancient landscapes.

This workshop was made possible by generous support from :

The Wenner-Gren Foundation


The L.S.B. Leakey Foundation


The Holt Family Foundation

Riverstone Ranch


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The career of John W. K. (Jack) Harris has spanned 4 decades and includes the study of the archaeological record of numerous African countries. Although his research spans primatology through archaeology and paleontology, his most lasting contribution has been his study of landscape archaeology. His iconic publication with Glynn Ll. Isaac which has been nicknamed “The scatter between the patches” continues to stimulate discussion about what can actually be said about the archaeological record from the perspective of very ancient records of bone and stone on landscapes like those found in Olorgesailie, Olduvai and the Turkana Basin in Kenya.

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This contact page is for those of you who would like to share a story about fieldwork or research with Prof. Jack Harris. We plan to compile these together in the future.